Hello! I'm walamana
Beginner in developing Android apps and several other languages projects
About me
Hello! My name is Jonas and I come from the sweet Bavaria. I taught my self how to program in several different programming languages, and I'm doing this for, I think, 2 years now. But I'll never rest and try to improve my skills and achieve experiences in participating in projects.
And what am I going to do in 8 years? Probably still learning ... but, let's see!
Cards Against Walamana Dang, the world is so broke... Try your way of life in my version of Cards Against Humanity play now!
Vertretungsplan Watch the Vertretungsplan of the Karolinen-Gymnasium-Rosenheim in a modern and fast way on your smartphone download
Redcars Redcars is a small band from Rosenheim - Bavaria. They play any kind of music, but mostly pop. Check them out! visit
Miniplan Get notifications whenever you have to go to churche service on your smartphone! download